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The Foundation « One Sustainable Health for All »

  • The One Sustainable Health for All Foundation is under the guardianship of the Bullukian Foundation. Its board is made up by the board members of the Bullukian Foundation and will benefit from its administrative and financial support.

    The the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation has two sperate committees:

    • An advisory board Conseil d’Orientation Stratégique (COS) with recognised individuals in the area of Health: Dr. Jean-Christophe Rufin (chairman), Pr. Detlev Ganten, Pr. Antoine Flahaut, Pr. Jean-Paul Moatti, Pr. Patrice Debré and Ms. Runa Khan. This group will guide the strategic planning and actions undertaken by the foundation.
    • An operational committee Comité Opérationnel to coordinate the different projects carried out by the foundation and ensure their operational implementation.

      Its members are Jean Albergel, Ralph Ankri, Serge Breysse, Claire Chaumont, Jennifer Heurley, Michel Lavollay, William Lebedel, Aziz Ouaabi, Stéphanie Tchiombiano et Isabelle Wachsmuth.

  • The “One Sustainable Health for All” Foundation is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge relative to universal sustainable health all. Its mission is to foster dialogue between financial partners in the area of Global Health (public and private), researchers and field operators. By doing so, it will contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (2030 SDGs).

    While acting towards its main objective, it will identify public and private funds aimed at:

    • Developing a multisectoral and transdisciplinary approach within the implementation of Health programmes, by facilitating the dialogue between various stakeholders within the public and private sectors. A particular focus will be carried upon field projects, especially in low- and middle-income countries.
    • Contributing to the definition of financing priorities by aiding the discussion between researchers, health-related programme operators, those who benefit from such programmes and determine their success, and those who finance them (donors from the public and private sectors).
    • Developing a virtual platform with open access to share knowledge and practice in terms of operational programmes acting towards One Sustainable Health for All.
    • Gathering health-related stakeholders during a major event taking place in France (Lyon) and during other occasions that could be overseas, such as the World Health Summit (WHS) in Berlin or the Global Health Forum in Geneva.

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    Honorary Supporters

    • Patrice DEBRE

      Patrice DEBRE

      Emeritus Professor of Immunology at the Sorbonne University of Paris and member of the Medicine Academy of France.

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    • Runa KHAN

      Runa KHAN

      Founder & Executive Director. Friendship.

      Honorary President of the OSH Forum Approach.

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    • Detlev GANTEN

      Detlev GANTEN

      Professor Detlev Ganten, MD, PhD. is Founding President of the World Health Summit and Chairman of the Board of the Charité Foundation.

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    • Babette SIMON

      Babette SIMON

      Babette Simon is Professeur associé at the Faculté de Santé, Université de Paris and has wide national and international experience across the health system in non-private and private organizations with a strong focus on sustainability, innovation and value in health.

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    • Jean-Christophe RUFIN

      Jean-Christophe RUFIN

      Médecin, engagé dans l’action humanitaire, Jean-Christophe Rufin a occupé plusieurs postes de responsabilités à l’étranger, notamment celui d’ambassadeur de France au Sénégal.

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